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selling my ft island collection!

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1selling my ft island collection! Empty selling my ft island collection! on Sun Jul 03, 2011 6:35 pm


Im selling my FT Island collection due to financial issues for college and such and also because I dont feel the need to keep these since I rarely listen to them anymore.. but I do have their new stuff if youre wondering ^~^

I go by the typical first come first serve basis.
Shipping is FREE if you buy more than 3 items.
I only accept payments from Paypal.
Payments must be made in Euro.
Prices are negotiable Smile
Id be happy to provide you pictures if asked as well.
I ship/take orders worldwide.
I have 2 copies for everything else except Raining, The Refreshment, and Cheerful Sensibility.

This is the list of things Im selling + Prices

FTISLAND Korean Albums:

Cheerful Sensibility {8} (Currently on bid for 25)
Colorful Sensibility (Part 1) {9}
Colorful Sensibility (Part 2) {8}
The Refreshment Album {11}
Double Date {10}
Jump Up {9}
Return {10}
Beautiful Journey {10}

Japanese Albums/Singles:

Prologue of FTISLAND (soyogi){12}
The One [Single] {12}
So Long Au Revoir {14}
Raining [Single] {12} (Currently on bid for 30)
I Believe Myself [Single] {12}
Brandnew Days [Single] {12}
Flower Rock [Single] {12}
So Today [Single] {12}
Satisfaction [Single] {12}
Five Treasure Island Ver A. DVD {14}

Concert DVDS:
First Island Concert {20}
So Today Encore {21}
Mens Stories {20}
FTISLAND 2010 Concert Beautiful Journey {20}
FTISLAND Zepp Tour 2010 {20}

EMAIL ME AT if interested

2selling my ft island collection! Empty Re: selling my ft island collection! on Mon Jul 04, 2011 10:53 am


FTi Loyal Primadonna
FTi Loyal Primadonna
nice! but i don't have paypal ):


selling my ft island collection! Ytfytf10
Lee Hong Ki Choi Jong HoonHongstar FT.Island

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